.UK Domains
When you order a .UK domain name you are accepting both Foden Consulting’s terms and conditions see section 1.5 click here & Nominet’s terms and conditions click here.

Service Level
Customers will receive acknowledgement of their communication within 4 hours.

Complaints and appeal procedures
Please email info@foden.co.uk

The above email address can also be used to report abuse

Contact Details

Foden Consulting
125 Queen Street
S1 2DU

Email info@foden.co.uk
Tel: 0121 711 4411

Privacy Policy
Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.

Refund Policy
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 7 days from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order minus the price of your domain name because you will own the domain name for the duration of the registration period and will be invited to renew at the end of this period.